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Everything you need to know about Business fleet MOT’s

MOTs are a pain when you have one car or van, let alone when you’re a business owner or fleet manager with numerous vehicles to take care of. To help you out we’ve put together our guide to help make your MOT tests as hassle free as possible.

Remember when your MOT’s are due
If you’ve got multiple vehicles it can be a pain to stay on top of when each car or van is due its MOT test. Make a note in your calendar (or whatever you use to organise yourself) a month before it’s due for each vehicle to make they don’t creep up on you. Want to make life even easier for yourself? As part of our fleet maintenance package we’ll call you and remind you when the MOTs for your various vehicles are due.

Plan ahead to fit with your schedule
MOTs can be done up to a month (minus one day) before it runs out to keep the same renewal date (I.e. if a vehicle is due a MOT on the 19th March the earliest you can MOT your vehicle to keep the renewal date is the 10th January). As a business owner this gives you some flexibility when it comes to MOT’s. Select a day that the vehicle in question isn’t being used to save you missing out on business - If your vehicles are in use Monday-Friday we’re open for MOT’s on Saturday mornings too.

Identify any issues ahead of time
It has been found that simple problems such as visibility, lights and poor tyre maintenance account for a significant number of MOT failures. Not only are these areas which should be included in regular vehicle checks carried out by your employees/drivers, they’re also things which can significantly affect road safety if not dealt with immediately.

Don’t leave maintenance until your MOT
MOT testing data has demonstrated that almost 50% of all faults found on MOTs could have been avoided with the help of routine vehicle maintenance. Preventative fleet maintenance services will not only help you avoid costly legal issues related to unsafe vehicles, but save you money and time when it comes to your MOTs.

Find a garage that works for you
When you have a fleet of vehicles you don’t want a garage that only does MOT tests - you need somewhere that’s willing to carry out all possible repairs on the day. Additionally, if your fleet is a mix of class 4 and class 7 vehicles you’ll want to look for somewhere that can MOT both of these. If you’re located in Sussex our Bognor Regis garage is equipped to MOT, service and repair everything from a tiny Fiat, to a long wheelbase Mercedes sprinter van.

With proactive vehicle maintenance MOTs become much less of a hassle. Our fleet maintenance services are especially designed for business owners like you, helping you save time, money and keeping your vehicles at their best. Contact us to find out more about the services we provide, or to get a quote on our fleet maintenance services.

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