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How much should you be spending on your fleet?

As a business owner it’s natural to think “Am I spending too much on my fleet?’, “How much should I be spending?”...  

When your day-to-day business operation is dependent upon a fleet of vehicles, it is no surprise that as a business owner you will constantly worry about fleet costs and how to keep them to a minimum. Particularly when it comes to protecting the bottom line, no-one wants to be over-paying for the unavoidable essentials such as fleet maintenance.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) released the 2015 Goods Vehicle Operating Cost Tables, which are the 23rd edition of the series of tools designed to assist business owners and Fleet Managers, in the task of relating expected rates to vehicle running costs.

A version of the cost tables can be downloaded as a PDF here.

These tables are the result of an annual survey undertaken by the Road Haulage Association supported with independent research by Apprise Consulting on vehicle costs. The figures within the publication provide calculated averages across a number of different companies, size of vehicle and types of operations.

Proactively undertaking preventative maintenance for your fleet of vehicles will save you from higher costs and inconvenience in the long run.

Mini case study:

As a point of reference (Page 13), the tables show that the Industry Standard price of maintaining a 3.5 Tonne Gross Vehicle (Diesel) in the UK is 6.60 pence per mile, per annum. (Total ppm = Tyres +  Repairs & Maintenance)

For one of our clients running 7 vans that between them covered 295,000 miles in a year the cost of maintaining their fleet, based on average figures, is calculated to be 5.33 pence per mile compared with the Industry Standard Price of 6.60 pence.

£15,700 / 295,000 miles = £0.0533

Therefore we can conclude that, with A&D maintaining your fleet that you could keep your fleet vehicle maintenance costs lower than the national average.

With A&D, not only will we help you save you money, we can build you a preventative maintenance schedule to ensure that your fleet of vehicles are regularly checked. Providing you and your business the assurance that your vehicles remain in full operational condition. And, advise you on the necessary vehicle checks needed to keep your fleet on the road and your employees safe. To discuss what A&D Group can do for your business, just give us a call.

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