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How to save your business money in 2016

When your business is faced with financial strains the natural response is usually to to significantly cut spending. Scrap everything that isn’t ‘essential’ and hope that you can get away with cutting corners (at least for the meantime). Although this might work for the first few months of the year it’s never going to last you through the whole of 2016. This blog discusses why fleet maintenance certainly isn’t something you should scrimp on, and how it can actually help save your business money in the long run.

Making sure you don’t lose out on business
Nothing will lose your business money than failing to deliver on what you’ve promised, and a broken down vehicle is a sure-fire way to cause this.  Picture this, you’ve got a delivery due, or an appointment booked, your staff are all ready to go yet your vehicle(s) won’t start. If  you’ve been spending the year cutting costs the chances are the breakdown was caused by a small issue which has gradually gotten worse, or was something which would have been spotted earlier if only you’d had your vehicles serviced. A regular fleet maintenance programme will help you avoid any disasters that could lose you business.

Avoid costly disasters
As discussed above losing out on business due to poorly maintained fleet vehicles can be costly. Even more costly, the legal implications of not ensuring that your vehicles and employees are kept safe. If you’ve missed our previous blogs on the legal implications when it comes to fleet maintenance catch up on what the law means for you and your business.

Know what you should be spending
Your fleet maintenance is something you should be spending money on, but it certainly doesn’t have to be an excessive amount. Here at A&D Group we care about supporting small local businesses, and we want to offer you the highest possible level of service at the best possible price. Our fleet maintenance service costs are lower than the national average, whilst still offering the reliable and efficient service you need to keep your business on the road (If you missed our blog on how much you should be spending on your fleet read it here.

With our preventative vehicle maintenance service it allows us to identify any problems early on, informing you of whether something needs to repaired or replaced immediately, or whether you’ve got time on your side. We’ll always do our best to fit our services with your business, reducing the stress of fleet maintenance, and helping you save your  business money. To discuss how we can help you and your business give us a call on 01243 870600.

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