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The benefits of having a servicing package for your business vehicles

As a business owner or fleet manager it’s important understand what the law means for you, your business and your vehicles. However, even if you understand what needs to be done resource constraints can throw a spanner in the works.

Here’s how we can help you stay on top of your fleet maintenance requirements. Keeping your business on the road, and you on the right side of the law.

The benefits of a bespoke service
Our fleet maintenance packages are tailored to your business, your vehicles and their usage. Bespoke service schedules will ensure your vehicle's stay safe, spotting any issues to help prevent breakdowns. Additionally, the longer you work with us the better we get to know your fleet and individual vehicle requirements.

Saving you time
Our fleet maintenance services save you the hassle of having to source various service providers, especially if you have a varied fleet. We work with both class 4 and 7 vehicles. With our services covering everything from regular services and MoT’s to emergency recovery, repairs and tyre replacements.

Keeping your employees safe
As our previous blogs have discussed ignoring fleet maintenance can prove costly. Poor fleet maintenance can incur not only extensive legal fees, but staff fatalities. Ensuring your business vehicles are professionally serviced at regular intervals will help you stay abreast of health and safety laws.

Saving you money
Fleet vehicles out of action will not only cost your business money, but can be a logistical nightmare. Our preventative maintenance schedules will help prevent disasters. But should any unexpected breakdowns occur we are committed to providing as quick a turnaround as possible.  

We’re here when you need us...
Whatever the size or makeup of your business fleet we can help you. Our preventative fleet maintenance services are convenient, reliable and perfectly tailored to help keep your business on the road. To discuss what A&D Group can do for your business just give us a call.

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