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Protect your people - Things your staff need to know

When managing a business fleet your employee behaviour is just as important as your vehicle maintenance. It is essential that your drivers understand their responsibilities when it comes to health and safety.

As a business owner you can ensure your drivers abide by health and safety rules by doing the following:

  • Include safety responsibilities in employees’ job descriptions and contracts.

  • Make safety issues and responsibilities a core part of the information, instruction and training given during an employee's induction period.

  • Raise safety issues and responsibilities regularly, either from daily contact or through your management team.

  • Clearly display safety notices or bulletins, risk assessment findings and safety information.

Your employees/drivers should also have a clear understanding of the company policy and procedures regarding health and safety, the use of drugs and alcohol, and the penalties for failing to follow necessary safe working practices.

Ensure that you, as the employer, provide the answers to the following questions:

1) Who is authorised to drive, and are there set routes?

2) Which daily, weekly and monthly vehicle checks should be made?

3) How and where should your employees report any vehicle faults or workplace hazards?

4) Which risks are present in the workplace, and how are these reduced?

5) Are any additional personal protective equipment required, such as high-visibility clothing.

6) What is the protocol for dealing with accidents or safety issues?

It is essential that your employees are fit to drive. Your company contract of employment should state your company policy on the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as reporting medical issues which impact ability to drive. The policy statement should allow workers to report their use of prescription and ‘off-the-shelf’ medication.

The content for this blog was kindly provided by Susan Beeby of the HR Dept. The health and safety team at the HR Dept can help business owners address any staff training issues, providing contracts and tailored handbooks on health and safety and the use of Company Vehicle Policy.

If you need help with your vehicle A&D Group are at your service. We can build you a preventative maintenance schedule, and advise you on the necessary vehicle checks needed to keep your fleet on the road and your employees safe.

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