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Why you need to get serious about fleet servicing

Whether you’re a business owner or a fleet manager it’s essential to understand the importance of preventative fleet maintenance. This blog discusses the reasons you need to get serious about fleet servicing.

What’s the difference between fleet servicing and the servicing of a personal vehicle?
Just as regular servicing will have a positive impact on your personal vehicle’s fuel efficiency, life span and safety, the regular servicing of your fleet vehicles will do the same. However, if you consider these benefits are multiplied by the number of cars or vans your business has it becomes clear that regular servicing will have a positive financial impact on your business.

Preventative fleet servicing is used to avoid or reduce vehicle breakdowns, and the necessary schedule is carefully calculated based on time, mileage, and type of usage of your vehicles. Fleet servicing helps to prevent potential problems through vehicle inspection, testing, and the repair or replacement of any worn parts that could otherwise have resulted in vehicle mishaps. Other benefits of having your fleet regularly serviced are as follows:

Avoiding vehicle downtime
Fleet servicing will help pick up on potential problems before they cause a problem which could keep your vehicles off the road and prevent your employees from doing their job.

Preventing serious legal issues
As the business owner it’s your responsibility to look after your employees, and ensure the work vehicles they are driving remain safe and well maintained. Our previous blogs have discussed what the law means for you and your business, and the steps you need to protect yourself and your business from costly legal issues.

Financial savings
As discussed above regular servicing will prevent vehicle downtime which might cause your business to miss delivery deadlines or important meetings. Additionally, regularly having your vehicles serviced by professionals will help identify small issues which could become costly should they remain undealt with.

Fleet servicing is a cost effective way to stay on top of essential vehicle safety. Our fleet maintenance services come in at a lower cost than the UK national average (read our blog on this here). Within these services we include regular vehicle servicing and preventative maintenance checks to help keep your vehicles at their best.

If you’d like to find out more about how our preventative fleet maintenance packages can help you, or if you simply want to book a vehicle in for a service just give us a call on 01243 870600 or send us an email.

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