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Winter-proof your fleet

It’s the time of year when many businesses are winding down. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case when you’ve got a fleet of vehicles to manage. With the busy Christmas season to get through, and preparations for the harsh January weather it’s time to ensure your vehicles are safe, weather appropriate and performing at their best. That’s why we’ve put together our guide on winter-proofing your fleet.

Preventative maintenance
If your fleet vehicles are overdue a service, or an employee has spotted a warning sign (more on these here) get your vehicle looked at. You’re much better off having your vehicle repaired under your terms, than a disgruntled employee and missed deadlines.

Winter tyres
Getting winter tyres for your business fleet can be an investment - but it’s an incredibly worthwhile one. Winter tyres are commonly misconceived as being just for snow and ice. In fact, they’re designed to improve grip on wet, icy and mud covered roads as soon as temperatures fall below 7℃. The rubber of winter tyres is better adapted to cold weather, and the tread pattern helps shift water quickly and avoid aquaplaning. This will help increase employee safety by reducing stopping distances by making the vehicle easier to control.

Trained drivers
The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) have identified that a large percentage of accidents occur due to driver error (read their article on this here). It is important that your employees are trained in adapting their driving style to the weather, and adjusting their route to that with the lowest perceived risk. Findings from the IAM state that 3,000 accidents a year are caused by slippery roads combined with loss of vehicle control. Ensure that your employees are not one of these statistics by making sure your employees and vehicles are both correctly prepared for the weather conditions.

Correct equipment
Just as you would prepare your own vehicle for a long journey, make sure your employees have all the necessary equipment they would need should a breakdown occur. This blog by Bognor Tyres covers the essentials you need to keep in your vehicles this winter.

Take care of your business by planning ahead
Just like your personal car, your business fleet should have a pre-winter service. This will help pick up on any issues which could be exacerbated by the weather and potentially cause harm to your employees. Even if your business hasn’t signed up to our preventative service packages we’re here when you need us.

If you should have any vehicle emergencies over the Christmas period our Bognor Regis Garage has normal opening hours on all days except the 25th and 28th December, and 1st January. 

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