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Facing the consequences...

If your business fleet isn’t properly maintained and managed there can be serious consequences. Not only will problems take your vehicles out of action for a few days (losing your business money), there can be severe health and safety implications.

You need to have processes in place to protect your employees. If your staff are injured whilst at work, and you are found culpable, there will be severe legal and financial implications.

Don’t think this concerns your business fleet? Here are two case studies which may make you think again…

This case study details a business owner who was fined £20,000 and ordered to pay costs following the death of an an estate worker in a motor accident. The death was caused due to the employee not wearing a seatbelt. The estate had failed to inform the employee of the necessity of the seat belt when driving the all-terrain vehicle, and were thus held responsible.  

This second case study shares the fate of an employer who was found guilty of two separate breaches of the health and safety at work act 1974. It was found that there was no system in place for safely managing the movement of vehicles (particularly reversing vehicles) in his yard. Additionally, the van in question had no direct rear visibility, and the rear monitoring camera that had been retrospectively fitted to the vehicle wasn’t used.

This employer was fined £7,500 and ordered to undertake 250 hours of community work. He was also liable for £75,000 in prosecution costs.  

Can you really afford to dismiss business fleet safety?
Not only does your business fleet need to be properly maintained, but your employees need the appropriate training when it comes to their driving and vehicle use.

For assistance with training and guidance on how the current legislations apply to your business please contact the HR Dept.

Should you wish to discuss our proactive vehicle maintenance packages, or have a car or van that needs an urgent repair please do not hesitate to contact us

The case studies within this blog were kindly sourced by Susan Beeby at the HR Dept, from the Heath and Safety Executive

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