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Whether your fleet consists of vans, cars or a mix of the two when you're running a business you want to be sure to get the most out of what you’ve paid for. This blog shares our tips for getting your money's worth when it comes to your fleet vehicles by helping them last as long as possible. Regular vehicle inspectionsWhether this is done by the business owner, fleet manager or even individual drivers make sure to regularly inspect the fleet vehicles. It only takes a couple of minutes t [...]

If running vehicles is a necessary part of your business, ensuring that your fleet vehicles are as fuel efficient as possible can really benefit your business financially. This week we’ve put together out guide for improving the fuel efficiency of the cars and vans in your vehicle fleet. Have a preventative maintenance scheduleWhen managing a fleet vehicle a proactive approach will ensure that your vehicles run more efficiently. Dirty air filters can clog an engine's air supply, causing [...]

MOTs are a pain when you have one car or van, let alone when you’re a business owner or fleet manager with numerous vehicles to take care of. To help you out we’ve put together our guide to help make your MOT tests as hassle free as possible. Remember when your MOT’s are dueIf you’ve got multiple vehicles it can be a pain to stay on top of when each car or van is due its MOT test. Make a note in your calendar (or whatever you use to organise yourself) a month before it’s due for each veh [...]

Whether you’re a business owner or a fleet manager it’s essential to understand the importance of preventative fleet maintenance. This blog discusses the reasons you need to get serious about fleet servicing. What’s the difference between fleet servicing and the servicing of a personal vehicle?Just as regular servicing will have a positive impact on your personal vehicle’s fuel efficiency, life span and safety, the regular servicing of your fleet vehicles will do the same. However, if you [...]

When your business is faced with financial strains the natural response is usually to to significantly cut spending. Scrap everything that isn’t ‘essential’ and hope that you can get away with cutting corners (at least for the meantime). Although this might work for the first few months of the year it’s never going to last you through the whole of 2016. This blog discusses why fleet maintenance certainly isn’t something you should scrimp on, and how it can actually help save your business [...]

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